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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
If its anything like McBane this is going to be another amazing mod which i'm looking forward to follow
It won't be quite the same caliber as MacBane given the budget restrictions but I will do everything i can to make it as nice as possible given my limitations.

Originally Posted by encorp View Post
Damnit, if you were in Toronto I'd donate so you wouldn't break your wife's budget allowance and could do something stellar. I have like 400 dollars worth of Duplicolor self etching primer and paint that could really do a number on that case that's just sitting here!

Curious to see what you do here!
That's man, as that is a great offer and very much appreciated. I am often in the GTA for business trips but I doubt the airlines would let me bring any aerosol cans on board. I have more than enough paint options here to find something that should work

Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
lolz and a go for it maite!!!!
Thanks Man!

Originally Posted by HaDeS View Post
I for one vote that she increases your budget.

You could just cut her off until she comes around yeh?
There's no chance of having the budget changed I am afraid, I may however use a few parts from another longer term project to help Bender get completed.

Originally Posted by Digikid View Post
And I thought that this is what you were gonna do. - projects - bender case
That's the right Bender, but my reason for calling it that was something along the lines of "Protien Bender". I am thinking of finding a Bender figure and putting it in the case by one of the windows, yes this case will have lots of windows as I have multiple small pieces of acrylic and plexiglass on hand.

Thanks everyone, I will try to make some progress later today.
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