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Originally Posted by Ritz View Post
Anyone excited by the idea of an E6 card? Anyone else confused why ATI is in fact selling this card? Like I said, it could have some value as a work/game card, but I'm not convinced. It always just seemed like an interesting concept, not a consumer product.
Excited? Yes! I'd love to try 5x1 portrait someday (i just said so on another thread, lol).
ATI is selling this card for a few reasons IMO: 1- to appeal to the cost-is-no-object gamers, 2- to compete (perhaps) with multi-headed workstation graphics cards.

Oh btw, 4k panels still need a LOT of graphics horsepower to make them work from what i've seen of early prototypes where i work. Along the lines of 4x dual-link dvi connections to run one 4k display. So the eyefinity6 could do a whole 4k display by itself and have enough extra for two side monitors as well, haha.

Maybe i'll try to get my grubby little hands on one someday and have atypical multi-panel "fun" with one, haha.
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