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Default Using 6 projectors with Eyefinity

So, reviews are out for the 5870 Eyefinity 6 cards. It has some value if you mix work and gaming with two separate 3x1 display groups, but it is quite clear that even with bezel correction, a 3x2 setup just doesn't work well for games. Crosshairs getting lost behind the bezels or everything just looks messy.

But! How awesome would it be to pair an E6 card in CF and then feed the signal into 6 projectors? Why? No bezels! 3840 x 5760 into a 100" space would be sort of fun, wouldn't it?

Really, actually, the card seems worthless. 4K monitors (40963072) are on their way and I bet you that one of those would be cheaper than a hexa-projector setup (the idea is to eliminate bezels). I read that the guy behind Eyefinity 6 at ATI is looking to start the beginnings of the holodeck, but the whole idea seems silly.

Anyone excited by the idea of an E6 card? Anyone else confused why ATI is in fact selling this card? Like I said, it could have some value as a work/game card, but I'm not convinced. It always just seemed like an interesting concept, not a consumer product.
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