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Half-decent enough, I suppose. Cross-sectionally, 1/2" ID equals 4*1/4" ID, so your main issue would be the turbulence created from the split (Koolance's fittings all tend to be pretty mediocre in this department), plus (perhaps) an slight increase in fluid-tubing contact because you've got twice the tubing surface area. But really, it's not like OCZ's Flex RAM is a paragon of free flow to begin with, and you're looking at a 1/4" bottleneck within the RAM itself. If you're determined to go from 1/2" to the RAM, this fitting would probably make the best of a bad situation.

Ideally, this would happen in a secondary loop, because this would punish your CPU/GPU temperatures otherwise. And personally, the "Anodized Aluminum" in the materials for that splitter would be giving me the creeps.

Are you determined to watercool your RAM? OCZ's Flex RAM gets good reviews, but I have yet to see a single review anywhere stating that watercooling got them a single MHz increase in headroom. At best, you might be able to take the edge off your in-case temps.
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