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Yeah I was disappointed in FF13 as well. I heard it opens up near the end but I doubt I'll get there. It'll probably be the first main-series FF I won't beat. Sadly there hasn't been much in the way of good JRPGs this generation. The only one I enjoyed so far is Lost Odyssey, but that's a 360 exclusive. FPS is definitely the trend now, but like you I don't have a whole lot of interest in them (still play the odd one though).

The PC/PS3 games I enjoyed the most in the last few years were God of War 3, Batman: AA, and Portal.
If you liked the progression of old Metroid and Castlevania games then you'll probably love Batman: AA. Feels like a modern Super Metroid with an awesome Batman story.
God of War 3 is just flat out fun and the scale of some of the scenes will set you back a step. If you like action games and only play through games once you should only rent it though. Took me about 10 hours and it doesn't have as many extras as the other two games.
Portal is a bit old now, but it's a short, fun, first person puzzle game. Worth it if you haven't played it yet. Second one is on the way too.

If you liked the old NES/SNES Zelda games 3D Dot Game Heroes looks pretty cool.

On the western RPG front I heard Mass Effect 1/2 and Dragon Age are awesome. Personally I only played a little of the first Mass Effect but it seems great.
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