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Originally Posted by FreeKnight View Post
Thanks AmuseMe, I'm looking forward to the results. One of the downsides to working out of town is I'm only by my computer about two days a month, so experimentation is limited lol.

Jdrom; I meant more in vertical alignment in general and just used the raven as an example (as it's the only one I know offhand). Obviously the ravens have great cooling so it shouldn't be an issue, but in a case with less airflow and vertical alignment negate some of the benefits of vapor-x? If you're right about the minimal liquid in the heatpipes, it probably won't change too much. Given the noticeably better cooling in the Vapor-Xs they've gotta have at least enough liquid to put a decent amount of vapor in the heatpipes though .... or so I suspect :D
Ah I see. Well there aren't too many other cases like that are there? I think the only way to design a vertical layout is to have a bunch of fans at the bottom.

Guess we'll know more when somebody tries it out
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