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Cool. Dealextreme has some scary looking "hole cutter" too. It might work for aluminum but I don't think I'm going to try and find out. My 1100 series dremel is not compatible with their accessories like those above, but I have some reinforced cutting discs so I could do things the hard way I suppose. Those videos make it look easy enough, so thanks for those. I have a Lian Li so at least I can buy a replacement top or side panel if I screw things up horribly :)
McMaster won't ship to Canada anymore btw.
Anyways I'll update this post later with some more tools, there's a lot of specialized stuff I use for working on the PC.

1) Since PCs use philips screws for just about everything, I find an anti-camout ribbed screwdriver very useful. A lot of cheap case fan screws start to strip easily but this saves the day:

I prefer using a magnetic screwdriver so I use one of these bits with a special adapter to achieve this.

2) Step drill bit. Useful if you break or loose your other drill bits. Or just don't have a drill like me. I connect this to a cordless screwdriver, works fine on thin metal.

3) "T" style hand tap wrench. + manual tap bits. I don't have one of these but I can see it would be useful to be able to move or replace a threaded screw hole. Problem is I don't know what to buy, maybe you guys can post some recommendations?

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