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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
I am not sure why everyone thinks the cards will "die", even if you OC it to the max (and overvolt it) the fan will spin up (95C temps were with ~60-70% fan) to 100% and if even then the fan cannot cool it it will throttle itself at 105C.
Do you have any hint why "everyone" does not want an oven in his pc ?..

I personnally expected some more performance from these card, seeing how late they are. But I think that they are well priced according to there performance. If I had the ca$h to buy one, I just could not cause of heat. My pc is in a room on the third floor facing west without A/C. It's about 30+ in here on hot summer days. When I'm using the comp, it's about 3-5 more degrees.. (that was with an athlon x2 + 8500gt ) If I was to get this card, my PC would probably blow up.
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