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My System Specs


Originally Posted by donimo View Post
see, thats not my issue, if it wont post, it resets back to last good config on its own, every time, YAY.

What it did was, No matter what I set it at it wou POST just fine, but with 333x8, go back in bios, set it at 400x8, posts at 333x8, go into bios and it still says 400x8 (where if its a "bad OC post" it resets itself in bios as well), but boot it up, 333

see what I mean? confusing I know...
Whoa. That's a whole different story. Whatever you set speed-wise it always boots at 333FSB?

Didn't you play with the NB strap? Wouldn't that have an effect on the other settings?
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