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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
I have heard of a few people who can't even get past stock. I am serious, 851mHz and it crashes. More than one person too.
Possibly they had an insufficient PSU or some stability problems or the card was faulty. A fully functional card on a fully functional system isn't going to notice 1Mhz even if you could raise just 1 Mhz which you cant because the clock generator goes up in 2's or 3's.

Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
Other reviews aren't necessarily quoting the same prices. Nvidia has less "cheap" brands than ATI (Palit maybe but ATI has Powercolour and that bunch) so they might be getting very different results for prices - warranty and support isn't just brand-to-brand, Nvidia does tend to have less "bad" brands.
All of the release ATI cards were made by ATI. The same as all the release Nvidia cards are made by Nvidia. Down to the coolers used. The only difference in the brands is the warranty and package contents which are comparible between ATI and Nvidia.

If you compare the MSI versions of the 5850 and 470 which are the cheapest versions of each card on newegg the difference is $50 which is around 16%. So the 5850 does have better performance per dollar even if you use USA prices which have the smallest difference. In europe the minimum price difference is $110.

Edit - Also Nvidia just lost one of its better brands in regards to warranty

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