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Originally Posted by FreeKnight View Post
Just had an odd thought and wanted to et some feedback from the community;
I'm sure that a lot of you guys have read about the Vapor-X cooling Sapphire uses in some of their cards and the excellent cooling it has. This is designed with a conventional orientation in mind.

Using a case like a Silverstone Raven where the card sits vertically, do you think this would negatively affect the cooling performance of the card? Enough to make it perform at about the same rate as a generic card?

If I can get my hands on another case I'll try to do some testing, but would be interested to know if anyone has tested.

Im doing a build with a 5850 TOXIC, and should have it ready to go on Wednesday or Thursday. I'll do some testing with the case (RV02) on its side so the card is horizontal, and than do another test with it flipped.
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