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Is there any truth to that Mwave page that went up and came down showing GTX4XX AIB Sku's and they all showed 1-year warranties?

To judge price/performance on ATI current market price against Nvidia MSRP means nothing. Wasnít the 5870 MSRP $259? Iím sure Nvidia pipeline will be a trickle for at least 2 months, the chance of purchasing GTX4XX at MSRP wonít happen till end May.

Once the market settles in things change, but Iíll bet ATI (AIBís) can go $15 below MSRP and still see great margins right today, actually I think it been the retail that that manipulated that price the most. I would think the ATI chip pipeline is finally starting to flow decent; while Nvidiasí pipeline will trickle for at least 2 months.

Would I pay $359 on April 12th for a GXT470 while there could be one or two 5850 $249 -AR (that's like 45% more)? Then knowing you could watch $50 on a GXT470 evaporate by July/August? It reminds me of the orginal GTX 260 that had AIB sending first adopter checks to keep them happy, but this time there will be no checks.
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