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Default temp / fanspeed data - detail

I am a bit curious about differing heat and noise statements from some reviewers. For instance, from overclockersclub;
Originally Posted by overclockersclub
Bump the fan speed to 100% and you get temperatures in the mid 60C range. However, you do have a noise penalty when doing this. At a fan speed of 70% I found a good solid balance between noise and temperatures. 80 Celsius is where the temperature peaked in my well ventilated Stacker 810 case.
Whereas you observe;
Originally Posted by SKYMTL
Interestingly enough, the fan stays relatively quiet (subjectively approaching that of the HD 5970) throughout this massive increase in temperatures.
That a pretty interesting difference, 80C@70% vs. 95C@what? Any other fan speed/temp data observed? More data on this might be interesting. I.e. x Temp at y fan speed (under load of course). After all, tolerable loudness may be fairly subjective, but temp and fan speed data, not so much.
Is there a thermal/fan speed profile issue that is prompting such critical hyperbole? (re: 480/470 noise and heat / power draw notwithstanding)
just curious
(p.s. I hope it's not bad etiquette to post quotes from other sites.)
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