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My System Specs


Firstly...welcome to HWC
Second...looks like your well on your way to a great Rig indeed ;)

*Case - Lian Li PC B71/Corsair 800D/CoolerMaster ATCS 840
-Looking for something with stock cooling, that will keep my rig relatively cool.

Lian Li, Silverstone or the 840 would be my choices for optimal Air Cooling , although if your planning WC..then the 800D

*Processor - Intel i7 920
- Was going to go with 960, but I was told going with a 920 and OCing would be much better. True?


*RAM - Corsair Dominator GT 6B (3x2GB)
- Any real difference between vanilla dominator and GT?

The only real difference is slightly faster latency and in some Cases higher speeds, as in 1866 and 2000 Mhz, ...GT's are geared towards more extreme OC'ing..the standard 1600 Doms are great Memory, OC well, fairly decent latancy at 8-8-8-24 1T and run fairly cool.

*Video Cards - Sapphire Radeon 5970 OC CrossfireX (already purchased)
- Overkill yes, but I wouldn't turn down a second 5970 gift now would I? my world thier really is no Overkill, curious as to what Res your planning on gaming on...Min 1920 x 1200 I hope!

*Motherboard - EVGA E760 Classified
- I'm really having a hard time choosing a motherboard. I want something that will run both my cards at x16 and with a good layout so the cards will not interfere with the other components. Is my current choice overkill?
I have the Classified Board w NF200, not quite sure, but it seems to me without the NF200 you won't achieve x16 for all 3 Slots, I could be wrong. I know my Classy with NF200 does indeed get x16 in all 3 slots. Either way, not a huge difference overall. Classified = great overclocker and great support.

*PSU - Enermax 1250W Galaxy Evo
- Frankly, I have no idea how much wattage I need.
If I understand correctly your planning on a 2nd 5970?.....if so a Corsair HX 1kW should be ample for you...if just the one Card then an H750 / 850W

*HDDs - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB x2 RAID0
For this build I would highly recommend an SSD for your Operating System and a Black for your Data....if the funds are available..

Cheers and have fun with it ;)

oh....don't forget a decent Aftermarket HSF for that 920

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