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Default New gaming rig advice needed!

New gaming rig advice needed!
Hey guys!

First of all I'm new here in the forums and having a great time so far! Second! I decided a month ago to build a new desktop for gaming (excited as hell) and after a bit research I compiled a list of the hardware I'd like to go with. Some items I'm not too sure about, and I'd like some advice/thoughts on those choices. I do know my way around some tech, but I'm no expert. Any help would be much appreciated!

Note: Money is not a problem, though I'd rather not start throwing my savings out the balcony .

My Current List :

*Case - Lian Li PC B71/Corsair 800D/CoolerMaster ATCS 840
-Looking for something with stock cooling, that will keep my rig relatively cool.

*Processor - Intel i7 920
- Was going to go with 960, but I was told going with a 920 and OCing would be much better. True?

*RAM - Corsair Dominator GT 6B (3x2GB)
- Any real difference between vanilla dominator and GT?

*Video Cards - Sapphire Radeon 5970 OC CrossfireX (already purchased)
- Overkill yes, but I wouldn't turn down a second 5970 gift now would I?

*Motherboard - EVGA E760 Classified
- I'm really having a hard time choosing a motherboard. I want something that will run both my cards at x16 and with a good layout so the cards will not interfere with the other components. Is my current choice overkill?

*PSU - Enermax 1250W Galaxy Evo
- Frankly, I have no idea how much wattage I need.

*HDDs - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB x2 RAID0

Thanks in advance guys!

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