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Default XFX 5970

SOLD to Lowfat!

I'm letting my 4 month old XFX 5970 go. I ordered it the day it came out. It is a fantastic card, with just one small little problem that I discovered after installing a waterblock. It has the dreaded cold bug that has been mentioned by a few owners (even with other brands) around the forums besides my own postings about it (random GSOD).

It works 100% with the original heatsink + fan (absolutely no GSOD), but under water, you need to warm the card up past 40c first before tempting to game with it (some games will work under 40c, but its a crap shoot). Desktop still works fine under water no matter what temp you have.

I just got tired of having to go through the motion of keeping it warm, and it was frustrating when it crashed during gaming online. I was about to get a fan controller for the rad, but I happen to stumble across a Sapphire 5970 in stock at the store I was shopping at. Happy to say it works with water cooling, so here is my XFX 5970 up for grabs. I would keep it for QuadFire, but it doesn't work in Eyefinity .

With air, I managed to get the card up to 950 MHz/6000 MHz with 1.225 volts on the gpu, default voltage on GDDR5. On water, it would make it to 1 Ghz with 1.250 volts.

I've also flashed the bios to Sapphire O/C edition for the fan speed control (first batch of XFX and other brand 5970's had no fan speed control) as they were the first one with the fix, and I kept it as the default speeds are now 735 MHz/5050 MHz. I can flash it back to the original XFX bios which I think now has the fan fix if they buyer wishes.
And with this being a XFX, lifetime warranty transfer is available.
Original heatsink has been reinstalled with Artic cooling MX-3 Thermal compound.

So if you aren't into watercooling, and you are having problems finding a 5970 in stock, (especially the XFX for lifetime warranty)this card is for you. It would be sweet to get it to run in Trifire if you already have a 5870/5850 and using one monitor. Get it before it's gone!

Pic of the XFX 5970 with waterblock installed in my system.

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