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Originally Posted by Helix View Post
Have to remember though that the 5870's drivers have had 6 months to mature, while the nvidia drivers haven't. Effectively leading to more free performance boosts in the future.
Well, I have been skeptical that driver updates will materially improve performance. Simply b/c of all the hardware problems and delays, etc., NV seems to have had plenty of time to optimize the drivers for these new cards. I can't imagine that they did not take full advantage of this delay period to optimize their drivers. Also, maybe someone has a constructive opinion on just how much driver updates could improve heat, noise, power draw?

Anyone know what this rumored ATI Northern Islands arch is about?

I have this 5870 overvolted and Oc'd to the same specs as here: ASUS EAH5870 Voltage Tweak Video Card - EAH5870 Overclocking - Legit Reviews It is stable. Anyone have any thoughts on how that would compare with the 480 results? Assuming the projected (up to) 20% performance increase is actually true? Maybe some comparisons down the road?
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