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My System Specs


Originally Posted by traitoR View Post
I'm not a reviewer, i'm a consumer, i have my own criteria for success, pretty sure i could write a review if i was so inclined, it's not rocket science to run some benchmarks, seriously the hero worshipping is cute here, but he's not some super being, LOL. I'm 40 years old and have been a computer enthusiast probably longer than you have been alive.

You might be surprised how much one can overlook and how much one can tweak or add to provide excellence to reviews like these that require testing, careful controls and limited variables. There's more involved than running benchmarks. Maybe since most of us didn't go into detailed critique when telling SKY whether he did a good job or not, we could have sounded sycophantic but I'm sure we all know he's human, and not some kind of hero for writing these things up, but I truly respect the attention to detail he has in studying the nuances of both hardware and software- after all, benchmark scores aren't too truly helpful without knowing which areas of a video card's performances it taxes the most, which it doesn't test heavily, which of those areas most apply to what the layman will run, how it will scale, etc.

I'm pretty sure you have more experience with computers than I do but still, I think you might be assuming too much about your knowledge when it comes to testing. Just a comment from a younger person; I often listen to counsel from people younger than me too, just because the longer a person lives the more we tend to get jaded and inflexible in our thinking. No disrespect meant at all, and apologies if I did offend you.
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