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Originally Posted by Canzara View Post
could of, should of, would of...but didn't
to top it off, if DX 11 requires all these special tweaks, then all these benches mean nothing to the average joe cause they don't know how to do them.
Therefore, HardOCP is more accurate for most by what your saying here.
Wrong unfortunately.

DiRT 2 only required the tweak pre patch v1.1. Post patch 1.1 it wasn't needed anymore.

From the performance numbers I am seeing in the reviews along with the screenshots with the graphical options, every site I am talking about (some did it right) was using a pre-patch 1.1 game. That in itself is a problem... basically, you can see the differences right off the bat:

Patch 1.1 brought:

- Proper context switching between DX9 & DX11 APIs
- Additional graphics options
- Now allows the DX11 path to perform faster than DX9

You can spot reviews which aren't using the patch because performance in their Dirt 2 benchmarks is quite low compared to the others. There was also an issue of serious CPU bottlenecking at 1920 and 1680 that was eliminated with the patch's proper implementation of multi core CPUs.

I personally saw a 15-20% increase in DX11 performance after applying the patch.

Full patch notes: 01/03 - DiRT 2 PC Patch Now Out! - Codemasters Forums

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