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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
D) If you have a HD 5870, you shouldn't upgrade to a GTX 480 unless you don't like money.
Until there is some sort of price adjustments this is the feeling I get from reading various reviews. If you already have a 5850/5870 it isn't worth it to move to a 470/480. For the multi-GPU folks with deep pockets SLI'd GTX 480's seems to be quite the performer and probably the only case worth upgrading at this time.

I think the real problem is simply a lack of games to push (or keep up with) the hardware. My 4870 512mb is still perfectly fine for current games at 1920x1200. It used to be a year or less after I did an upgrade I would already find myself turning down graphics settings to play games, but with all this Console port business that doesn't seem to be the case anymore (with few exceptions like Crysis and Metro 2033)
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