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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
i am looking for decent laptop for my mom's next birthday on this month...

what do you recommend?

i think about netbook but i think bigger size is better such as 15" or 17" because i prefer better quality of video card and audio card...

my mom will use it for mainly stream video... and msn/skype...

how about this

Buy Acer [LX.PKQ02.021] Acer Aspire 4810TZ-4982 Intel SU4100 3GB 250GB 14IN BT Win 7 Home Premium Olympic Edition Notebook (not better than lenovo)

Acer Aspire AS5517-1515 Laptop PC & Bell Turbo Stick Bundle | Laptops - English | <<< ??? available in bc?
Will she taking it places? If not, don't get a netbook. The screen is too small.

If it will be at home most of the time and plugged in, you might consider a larger screen so 15.4" and up.

Consider Asus, too, as they have some laptops in the $600 range but maybe not many choices.

Also, I think some Sony Vaio models are around there but if you can afford a bit more, I think they have some i5 models.

I don't know about the Lenovos. I only like the Thinkpads and not too sure about Ideapads or whatever they are calling them.

I think Asus and MSI are the best out of the lot and Acer laptops are cheaper but don't usually receive good ratings quality wise. Be sure to inspect any potential laptop in person if possible.
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