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My System Specs


Originally Posted by burebista View Post
Just a question SKY. From all reviews I've read I saw 100-130W power consumption difference between HD5870 and GTX480 (for example TPU isolated only card consumption) and yours is "only" 70W. Why?
I would wait until X-bit's review for power consumption numbers if I were you. I don't know why they don't have one up right now, but hopefully it'll be there soon.
Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
I think my Antec True power Trio 650 watts (52amps) won't work because of the lack of a 8pin PCI-E.

Really, can the 6pin to 8pin PCI-e adapter like this work 100% reliably???

Would it be SAFE? I know the 6 pin is supposed to hold 75 watts and the 8pin 150 watts...can my PSU cables catch on fire if I use such connector (wire gauge issue)?
I recommend that you use something like this instead:
Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Also a dual card will come out that competes with the 5970.
If a dual-GF100 card ever comes out, it will be either after a die shrink, or it will use crippled cores. With the amount of heat these GPUs put out, there's no way they could stick two GTX480 dies into a dual-slot card without running into major heat problems.
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