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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Loving the Full Tower Mr. HAF. However you never did answer the 1 question about Replacement Fan Availability to me

No worries though, the small things or simple questions get missed even by me.

I wonder if you could leak some more information on the New Elite. As I am more of a Mid-Tower person and of the multitude of builds under my belt Midtowers are more commonly purchased (on my end) than full.

I'd love to see the specs and features on that. And What would be to advantage is the HDD cage in-line instead of 90 degreed , as well as being Removable.

I do believe 200mm Megaflow fans are available in red and blue through any large e-tail lie and NCIX. 200mm Storm Force fans are slightly discontinued so they will be very rare to find (1000RPM with 2 pin LED lead).

Elite II is similar construction to most CM Elite value chassis chassis. There is a limitation on what you can do in this type of chassis just because there are a lot of small DIY details and features that can jeopardize the strength of the chassis. If hard drive bays are front to back it really makes the chassis longer overall. Also all the holes in the cable management is not always possible due to strength. If you take a detailed look at the CM 690 II, we use very clever stamping, which allows us to use a moderate thickness of steel and maintain huge fan openings, cable management and the like. If the HDD is mounted correctly (to the side) there is much more room for large graphics cards. I can't really comment on any specific performance differences other than that.

Originally Posted by BobbyLou View Post
Care to explain the HAF AMD edition then
A little story about this chassis:
We agreed to co-brand with our partner and incorporate all their brand imagery. After the design came through on the ID, it was approved but our engineering staff started to do the calculations. Pretty much, if we put a fan on the side window we would not have a place to put the beautiful dragon. That aside, using the power supply on the top with intakes on the bottom is quite equal to the stock cooling on a regular HAF. It's still a HAF, just has a window that people love.
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