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WTF Chris Congrats. I was thinking we needed a Captain to, The F@H Chimp Challenge starts in May, The 5th I think. Hey Chris you should look into this F@H Chimp Challenge(Google it), Maybe have a Poll to see who would be willing to enter to get a ruff idea how much PPD we can get. Team TPU maybe entering, It would be nice to beat again. The sooner we now if we were to enter the race the better, Everyone running bigavg WUs needs to get the passkey for the bonus points, people can dig out those old PCs and get them tuned up 100% for the race, and it may help recruit new members to the team and bring some old ones out of retirement, even if it is just for the race(1-2 weeks). Congrats again and sorry for the extra work load right away but as Captain your the only person that can speak for us and set things up for the race if we enter, Glad I'm not Captain . I Fold for HWC the user name is not important to me so I'll fold for under whatever name you say Captain Chris and when
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