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Originally Posted by CM MR HAF View Post
Thanks for the suggestions:

1. The early mock ups have the window in this position though future models will have this position fixed. The 200mm fan on the side panel is combined with a window so it is very tricky to position that fan in the strongest area. If you have the fan too far back it will cause vibrations, and the acrylic panel may crack with the installation force etc.

2. With the HAF X, we are introducing the side window standard with fan because this is pending testing from a GPU manufacturer. The mock ups do not have the extra internal parts that are required. While purely aesthetic reasons are good reasons for not having a side fan (as seen on the AMD HAF 932), HAF X we intend to be certified to the GPU manufacturer's standards to dissipate three GPU worth of thermal energy in the GPU area. This is about 750-900W of thermal energy the HAF X will have to dissipate.

This "High Air Flow" performance is impossible to achieve without a side fan.

As my significant other says: "feelings are passing but reasons are lasting"so I hope these are reasonable answers to your questions.

Good idea, you may see some of these 2-in-1 SSD adapters in the HAF X.

Care to explain the HAF AMD edition then
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