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Default CPU heatsinks?

I bought an Antec 300 thinking I would move my current system over and use the current Antec Solo case for a budget system. I am not sure now, though. I probably will, however, because any considerable investment I do in the future, I wanted to A) buy a laptop and B) upgrade the current system with a new video card and SSD.

One possible issue I might have is with my current cpu heatsink. I don't know about anything about aftermarket heatsinks. I've read some reviews but I still don't know. I don't know whether you need a fan or not for them. I didn't assemble the one I have, a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. I think that is what it is. The store didn't add the fan and it pissed me off. Why not do the complete job? I am not overclocking because I am not sure I should with no fan there. I think I still have the fan bracket and screws or whatever you need to add that but I am not sure. I would have to go through several boxes that are in storage to see.

I'm wondering if I should just get a new heatsink and have it assembled properly and fully when/if I move my system to the Antec 300 case.

I originally bought the 300 thinking I might get a Nvidia card GTX 260 in there but now I want to see what Fermi offers (not sure they'll have any mid-range cards, though) but if there is nothing affordable, I'll probably get a HD 5770 card. I think the Antec 300 is a nicer case than my Solo anyway and I bought the 300 for about $50 so it was a good deal, I think.

Can anyone recommend or advise me what to do? If I get a new heatsink, which one?

I also checked ebay for Thermalright Ultra 120 parts for the fan bracket and screws but there's not much available. This heatsink might even still be good, though, so maybe try harder to find the accessories? I don't need the entire heatsink, though.

Anyway, maybe there is a good plan I didn't think of?
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