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Its the lack of 10.1 on those nvidia chipsets that are lagging the flash video experience.

Nvidia chipsets = crap for HTPC

AMD chipset is the better choice for HTPC, light web surfing, flash videos.

I have a single core P4 3.0ghz with HT and Piece of shit Intel G31.

When I down clock to 533 FSB and drop some vcore, it cannot play 1080p smoothly. But when FSB set to original 800FSB, 1080p perfectly fine, only loading 50% max.

It should be fine if you play just blu ray disc as long as you have coreavc and cuda.

To sum it up, atoms+nivida chipsets sucks for everything else if its not used as a blu ray/h.264 player.

But then I could be wrong, I am just so fed up with nvidia's crap right now.
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