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780G and under does not have 10.1

For board I suggest a 785G for its 10.1 DX support.

10.1 is able to accelerate those adobe flash videos from streaming sites.

That 8600GT only has DX10, hell even my gtx 260 doesn't have 10.1, and when playing those youtube videos its all load on CPU, If one doesn't have a powerful CPU you wouldn't be able to play multiple 1080p at youtube due to the lack of 10.1 on gpu. with 3 1080p youtube files playing I can see cpu hitting 80% on a quad @3.4ghz

And freaking nvidia told the public 10.1 was just marketing crap from ATI, I was a dumb ass to listen to them

If you decide you want to go with the 760G you can buy an add on like Asus 4350 for $25 for some flash video DXVA.
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