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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
Better Burn & Dodge tool? Are you kidding me. Dude I have been using Photoshop for over 10 years and although there have been slight improvements here and there... most of the "features" they cram into this package are pure fluff to sell you a new copy. Some of the more recent 64bit support would be a worthy upgrade reason... a better Dodge tool o.0 I think not.
Yes the burn and dodge became better because of Protect Tones. I'm not saying that made CS4 worth the upgrade alone.

InDesign became usable at CS3? I have been using it since V1 and although V1 was terribly buggy it quickly became better than Quark and don't even get me started about Pain Maker.
What do you think I meant by "usable"? Terribly buggy isn't something I'd exactly consider useable. Each to their own though. But yeah, much better than Quark!

CS5 for Mac will have 64bit support as far as I've heard.
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