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Originally Posted by Thund3rball View Post
Adobe is such a ripoff. Seriously it's like paying $1000 for a frickin 10 year old game with a new mod or map pack. What a load of crap.

Some of the computers in my department were just upgraded to CS4. We are still waiting for "approval" to upgrade the rest so we can all be on the same platform, since right now the CS4 people have to downsave their InDesign docs for us CS3 people. But I have a feeling by the time budgets get approved... it'll just be the same situation in reverse. We'll get CS5 and downgrade for the CS4 people. *sighs*
Between CS3 and CS4, I'd say Photoshop had a big improvement in terms of the burn and dodge tool
Indesign became usable at CS3. Since I'm getting academic CS4 for cheap I don't mind upgrading to CS5 later on
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