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Yes,Yes this is great to see another vender building these high end cards with better cooling higher clocks and more ram, and as with my last post it would be really GREAT to see these cards put through the paces, I know the old story "you get what you pay for" but lets be realistic, can these cards run these newer games and some of the older ones too, at a decent frame rate with a decent resolution on 2 or 3 monitors????? That is the question eh!!!

Noiseless Inductors hhmmm never heard that one before, heard herd (spelling) get it hehehaha Soooo let me guess these cards run so quiet you can't here them!???

Well shall we put these to the test to Canucks????

Would be interesting to hear them in full speed ahead gaming eh!

Please don't get me wrong, if i could afford them i would have them and find out for myself, but right now i just don't have the loonies to go for it and these are probably not out yet,

and i am saving up some loonies for Win7 os and more ram and a new Video adapter weather it be ATI or Nvidia depends on the reviews of these new 5850's and 5870's ok later all.
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