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Originally Posted by chriskwarren View Post
The clock speeds are a little slow, and I don't know anything about Opteron OC. I wonder ow the 1.7GHZ 12 core would stand up to a 4GHZ HT 8 core in PPD?

it's a special chips, as CM say, it need a new socket and probably chipset too, so I dough that will be an option in the bios to oc this beast ,

Originally Posted by Wi-Fuzzy View Post
LOL...after 4.5 ghz of 24/7 overclock...for say 6 months,.
I will have no problem to run the cpu at 4,5 ghz for 6 months, Lowfat do better with a 920.

and before someone told me I'm a Intel fan boy, I just reply to this

"This could be a CPU that makes the folders that bought the 6 core i7 wonder if they did the right thing."
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