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Originally Posted by sigel View Post
Ok so i've spent the last 3hrs trying to flash new 3d clocks to my asus 5850 and can't seem to do it. Its like the rom chip is locked or something.

atiflash -p -f 0 bios.bin gives me a

Error 0FL01 press 1 to continue and then nothing happens.

I got 3d clocks 900/1250 @ 1.1v stable and that's what i'm trying to flash to the card... all other clocks at default.

Any suggestions? Tried ATIwinflash and all sort of combinations with atiflash and the force parameter, nothing seems to work. Dumping the rom works but flashing doesn't!

I can't stand software overclocking utilities so this is getting annoying.

Type "atiflash -unlockrom 0" without the quotes to unlock the bios rom.
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