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Default CinemaView 24" LCD HD Display

Anyone drooling over the Apple Cinema HD but doesn't quite want to pay the $1000 that they cost, I've got a cheaper alternative!

The guys at CinemaView recently came out with a new 24" LCD display that's been in the works for about 3 years. Have one in my home for the MacBook Pro and it's pretty snazzy.

Comes with 4 usb ports on the back on the screen, a power button (don't really need it as it detects when your Mac wakes and sleeps). The cable coming out of the display has a power cord connecting to a power box (extended.. just makes sense), a mini displayport and the usb connector to power the monitor's usb.

Unfortunately they couldn't include the magsafe power adapter since Apple wouldn't let them.
It's not quite the LED monster Apple has but it's pretty good. It tilts like the Apple display, has a sturdier stand and the display is just as glossy, which is a problem for some people but works fine for me. Also displays at 1920 x 1080 as opposed to their 1920 x 1200. Again, not too big of a deal since this 24" was a big upgrade over the previous Samsung 22" I had.

The price is $499 US and I don't know if their free shipping is still on. They shipped it via FedEx and I didn't pay a dime in duties. Great customer support, I sent them an email about a problem with a power supply and they're sending me a new one, extremely quick response too.

Check 'em out - CinemaView :: HD Video Products Made Just For Macs :: index

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