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Default Chieftec Dragon - nothing fancy

Its nothing fancy but is the first time I have built anything from scratch so I thought I would play with the wife's camera and post some pics. I received all my stuff and started putting this together yesterday. Any comments / suggestions are welcome.

Chieftec Dragon aluminum case
EVGA 780i mobo
EVGA 8800 Ultra GPU
Intel Q6600 CPU
LG CD/DVD drive
Crucial Ballistix Tracer 8500 (4X1GB)
Enermax Galaxy PSU
4X80mm intake fans
4X80mm exhaust fans (plus the GPU and PSU exhaust fans)

To do:

- Cut 2 80mm holes for exhaust fans in the top panel (might only be room for one).
- Cut an 80 mm hole on the side panel for another intake.
- A mesh mod on the front panel but havent really figured that one out yet.

I put in a piece of smoked plexi the last time I worked on my comp.

Cable management should be fairly decent as I dont have alot of drives.

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