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My System Specs

Default Intel Raid driver with TRIM; anybody try this yet?

Anand mentioned something about it, did a quick search and saw this thread on an Intel forum concerning a Raid driver with TRIM:

the long waited INTEL RST V9.6.0.1014...

Mentions Intel Board support, but with the ICHR10 southbridge.

A quick Googles indicates that folks on XS have seen decreased speeds, but were trying to ensure it was due to the driver or degraded drive:
Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) version released - XtremeSystems Forums

OCZ thread here:
General Discussion Intel drivers with TRIM Support coming?

Here is an interesting post on the OCZ site as well:
General Discussion Intel drivers with TRIM Support coming?

Anybody with a Raid setup have time to test this? I would love to stick another 120GB Vertex in my main rig.

Even if not perfect yet, SSD Raid folks got to be excited. Looks like some folks saw less performance, while others saw no degraded performance. Will not work with Raid 5, but 0 and 1 will work with Trim.
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