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Default LCD Mounting Arm suggestions?

hello everyone

been trying to find a thread on the forums but nothing specific stood out so far, ive been trying to find a decent LCD Mounting Arm system for my monitors. This summer am gonna be redesigning my desk/work/gaming space to get all the ergonomics i want (or can afford lol)

currently have 1 24inch and 1 22inch, planning on a 3rd screen(22inch) in a few months (both are dells)
the 3rd screen is gona be my second PC, mainly a hdd farm and extra Seti/Rosetta platform, so i whant to be able to move the screen out of the way.

i don't want them to be on the same mount, as i currently don't have the space for 3 side by side

i got a small wall mount for my secondary but its too short, i need something that can move around 20-24 inch front to back and at least 8 in lift

ive been looking around and found these 2 different mounts :

Neo-Flex® LCD Arm
LX Desk Mount LCD Arm (a few different versions of this one)

they range from 80 to 130$ witch isn't bad

the LX desk mount as the rang of motion (front/back height) i need, the neo-flex is pretty close too.

anyone have any experience with these or others they can suggests?

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