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Seems to be very little understanding of folders here, even from people who talk like folders...

The benefit of this card will be having 2 gts250's in one slot. It may be cheaper to buy 2 single gts250's, hell they're only AU$130 brand new, but when you start thinking about people with 'folding farms' it makes a lot of sense. More cores per pci-e slot makes it cheaper to build a folding system.

Folders like that would still be buying 9800GX2's brand new if they could, provided the price was right. You might say, oh but the GTX295, but they're still too expensive, the price doesn't seem to have come down like it did with the 9800gx2, that and it's damn near impossible to find anything above a 260 for sale anymore.

If this card is released and at a decent price, folders will buy it by the container load. It'll all be about the $$$ though.
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