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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
ya I know beside million dollar company's but it was a a joke hehe

that was Uninspiring, Unfunny, and Unreadable. Jim Rome would call that a triple U. Anyone with half a brain would know a SSD is faster in RAID... why add un-necessary thread space to what COULD have been a constructive conversation.

Gingerbee, you offer nothing constructive towards the thought, question or inspiration of the parent post to this thread. The signal to noise ratio of this forum is getting worse rapidly, mainly because of posts like this. Sorry for making you the whipping boy here (because i see you actually contribute to this forum too!!!) but there are many others here to blame for this same act. Case in point... look at all the thread crapping in the Mac forum, it's a joke.

if you want to type garbage for the sake of typing, join the #hardwarecanucks IRC channel

LCDGUY: you are going to have to help me out with the IO Meter settings. I have not used this program before and i don't see a setting that explicitly states "command queue". Is that...

1) # of outstanding i/o's
2) Test Connection Rate?

I also noticed that you have 100% read, 0 % writes on your benches.... how about you post a 100% read, and a 100% write bench?
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