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Originally Posted by 5ILVgeARX View Post
Physx eh, the "great" physx. I wonder what nvidia would do without the famous physx.

Until the day physx can majorly change game play experience, its just another marketing gimmick.

I know I know, batman AA is a great example. but unless physx can make it possible to use the flying stones as a stepping stone, or as a random jump path your way to victory. Any thing else like fog, steam and cloths are just simple eye candy.

3D? I though you need 120hz monitors and "nvidia" certify monitors to take full advantage of it. And if i remember correctly you need two nvidia to use the 3d eyefinity.

Do correct me if i am wrong.

As for the folders, if ati ever gets havok and F@H to work just as great as cuda. Damn it be a folder's dream.
Well, I will comment on the monitor thing. You need 120HZ, as with any 3D display (seriously, there won't be any other active shutter 3D NOT on 120HZ). They don't need to be "certified by Nvidia" or anything. Yes, you do need 2 cards to do 3D eyefinity.... with 3D you are rendering the frame twice, so 3D eyefinity is 6 screens.... now, if you really want to run 6 screens at high quality off 1 GPU, have fun with a slideshow. More realistic FPS requires the use of a second card.
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