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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
Well besides the obvious stabs at Nvidia, there are a few things wrong with that....

1. Extra cost? What, 15 cents opposed to 5 cents?
2. It isn't metal for sure, plastic + funky paint = looks like metal!
3. You may have a point. Anyways, wait until the 26th.
Everything is there for a reason. That metal cover must be there due to the >300W, they won't just make it look like metal for nothing.

The more cost effective they can make it the more money in there pockets.

And 15 cents opposed to 5 cent will definitely make a difference.

Even if was made from plastic or metal nvidia will still sell there gpu at a rated MSRP. And also keep in mine, some people only go for price/performance gpus, the higher the MSRP the lower the bang for bucks = lower sales.

EG. 1 millions sold

1,000,000 x .15 =150,000
1,000,000 x .05= 50,000

A extra 100K for profit. Damn

Way to brush it off by saying the same phrase again and again.

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