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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
^^^^ what about this gigabyte the sata 3 n usb 3 worth it or are their other "concerns" with this board?

Mark - that Asus is a sweet looking Board with some very cool features indeed, but think I want to "shave" the cost of this potential build a tad.

So anyhow, playing around with another potential future build...gotta mull it over, but came up with this:
Mobo -
Case -
OS -

Kicks in at around $1275 without Pricematcing anything, could likely save $150v - $200 Pricematching.

I would throw my spare Vertex 120GB SSD and either one or both of my GTX 280's in Fermi in my Primary......
Just not sure if the Gigabyte Board wirth SATA 3 / USB 3 is a etter way to o or "over-hyped"....
This looks to be what I need as well. I only want is for Flight Sim FSX and I plan to run one large 12ohz TV( in 3D) and one more 19"lcd for instruments. Could I build on this if I want to go multi monitor 3D at a later date? I guess I would also require a sound card too? Time to look for a GTX card me thinks .
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