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My System Specs


I don't know about easily. You'd need a TPF of about 13 minutes to hit 100k PPD. A single i7 at 4GHz does about 30 minutes per frame, so if scaling is perfectly linear it would be doable, but only just. As far as currently-available hardware, that kind of PPD is pretty much unobtainable within the scope of consumer-grade hardware. I suppose it could be possible if you're running a -bigadv machine with quad-core CPUs in a 4P or 8P setup, but that's getting into ridiculous territory.

*Assuming you use four GTX295s, that would give about 60k PPD from the GPUs, so you'd need to make up 40k from SMP. To do that, I figure you'd need a 4P Nehalem Xeon rig at minimum, since I know of people running 2P setups who don't see those kinds of numbers with -bigadv.
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