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Originally Posted by MarkOne View Post
I will never understrand why people spend so much time just to make a list of tread he don't like

Haha yeah, you're probably right :P That's why I stopped at the first page.

I dunno, I'm just pissed because it'd be nice to follow the conversation but it's spread out among 50 threads.. and the forums look like a cluster **** now. I guess my real gripe is with the lack of moderation that's going on right now. It's -extremely- evident. Now, I don't want to take that away from the mods, I know they work hard and I'm certain they are taxed as it is. But I think the rumours sub forum is just the surface of the mess the forums are in, I mean there are personal system builds in the reviews thread forum.

Anyways, sorry, off topic.. I'm gonna go make five threads about this... can anyone else make five more?
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