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I agree that MS OSes need to get past x86 and especially the Ram limit. I also agree that in this regard Vista is better. But as an OS as a whole, I don't think Vista is all that great. IMHO it feels more like a transitional OS rather than something that is going to be around a long time and attract more people to it as time goes by. A friend of mine put it nicely....

"MS took some OS X engineers, put them in a room with the MS ME engineers and said, you can't come out till you have a new OS".

Yes there is a TON of misinformation out there but who's fault is that? Maybe if MS got their s**t together and released one OS instead of a plethora of cash grabbing, consumer confusing versions people would generally feel more comfortable and informed about Vista. Basic marketing... you give them too many choices and you scare them away. It needs to be a nice and tight little package, especially when it comes to computers and any hi-tech or electronics.

Then there's DX10? WTF is that? Crytek attempting to cripple "Very High" on DX9. Uhm jeeez... who's idea was this? Not Crytek's I'll bet!!!! MS strong arming their partners into forcing Vista sales is also not a good sign. MS tried it with Dell at launch and it backfired badly there.

There is no need to adopt Vista at this stage of the game for what is most of the computer users out there. With SP3 for XP and at least a few more years of support from MS, XP is stable, reliable, compatible, cheaper etc.. etc... I am not bashing Vista, I just don't think it's MS's best foot forward. There's a good chance many people will miss the Vista boat all together and it won't hurt them one bit.
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