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My System Specs


Let me put it this way:

My 3.2GHZ Core i7 + 6GB DDR3 currently struggles editing 1080 AVCHD video natively - especially in High Quality Mode (using Adobe Premiere CS4). I use draft mode mainly, and even then it occasionally struggles to play through when adding effects and touchups. If your going to be using HDV or are willing to render the initial AVCHD footage down immediately then most any high dual or quad core should be fine.

Pushing up the ram to 8GB and some even recommend 12GB would not be a bad idea as CS4 and later supports more than 4GB. If your using an earlier version or a different program, find out the app's limitations first.

I have found that a video card isn't doesn't have a huge impact except if your going to be using effects (for this reason a decent card like the GT220 or GTS250 ideally would be a good idea) or if your going with the $1500+ Quadro lineup. I would recommend sticking with NVIDIA no matter what because with Adobe's 5.0 suite and other programs are slowly adopting CUDA and the CPU--> GPU offset.

I would also HIGHLY recommend considering a Raid 0 setup, 10K RPM drive or better yet an SSD for your video editing drive. It makes a good difference using it for your cache and scratch disk.

On the plus side, all that power can spit out a 7-8 minute+ video in 720P in about 30 minutes :D

In the end it all depends on what kind of video your going to be editing, what kind of patience you have and what your budget is.

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