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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
I can't image the GPU/CPU being integrated on the 360. And that could just be a temporary heatsink but they would not be using one like that if it was a slim. Could be real but I'm not really sure it is. I'll have to open up my 360 tonight and compare it to those pictures. The one sata port is for the DVD (or bluray if they will actually implement it like they said they would a couple of years ago, which would be funny cause they'd have to pay sony to use the technology, and I can't rememeber if there is actually a sata cable that connects to the 360 proprietary HDD?

I agree that the heatsink is most likely temporary, i doubt coolermaster will get a contract to make every new 360 heatsink, but who knows? I've opened up my own 360 and from what i remember everything seems to be in the right place - but are right, there is a proprietary connector for the hard drive on the regular 360, which means as i said - theyre either going to break that pattern and allow for regular sata drives or its just a dev board... time will tell
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