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Default Possible new Xbox 360 on the way? [HardOCP]

[H]ard|OCP - New Xbox 360 "Slim" Motherboard Spy Pics&#63

I've stared at the pics for a few minutes and can note the following:
1 - It's mostly likely not fake from what I can tell = The IR receiver/LED Ring connector (second from the bottom right in the first picture) looks correct, and the positioning of the two Usb ports adjacent to it look correct as well. Since there are only two this may give legitimacy to the HardOCP's idea of it being a slim version.
2 - Although it may be photoshopped, "Microsoft Xbox 360" is labeled on the northbridge/southbridge.
3 - Power connector is also in the correct location and orientation seemingly, although the other ports have obviously been changed (S/Pdif optical out is now separate).
4 - There are two standard sata ports on the top left of the board. So either MS may finally be going to allow for user-upgradable hard drives (unlikely) or this is a dev board only meant for testing purposes.

What do you see?
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