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Default Video Editing PC Build Help

I am going to build a PC for video editing (1080) and need an bit of help.
I will NOT be gaming on the PC

Previous builds were AMD budget build HTPC's but this one is going to be i7

I have settled on the i7 930 which looks like it can be had for $300 now.
I already have a Antec 300 and a Seasonic 750W PS sitting idle right now

I am looking at the Asus 6PT unless someone can recommend better for around the same price.

The biggest issue is what video card???
I don't want to choke performance but I also don't want to get bent over ($$$) buying a card that is going to be overkill.
I assume almost all of the work is going to be done by the processor??

The rest is fairly simple.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

First post so thanks a bunch!
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