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My System Specs


Ive been using the same shaped microsoft optical mice for almost 15 years due to the lack of left handed mice. Also whats up with most games not having the option of firing left handed aside from CS:source. Being right hand retarded (that hand is literally useless lol) its been difficult to get decent mice anymore that arent curved for right handed people.

I was forced to learn how to use a mouse right handed as a kid because i was the only lefty in my house. But now that i have my own kids and what not, I get my own pc with own lefty mouse.But it would be nice to have a super sensitive and precise mouse that isnt tailored for a right handed person.

Off topic - One of my microsoft mice went recently, and I couldnt find a replacement to buy a new one, so i called up Microsoft for RMA purpose. Microsoft was absolutly wonderful at getting me a new mouse very quickly with zero hassle. Only downside - I stressed very very much that I am left handed and either needed a left handed replacement or an ambidextrous one. Waht do I get in return? A giant wireless mouse that 100% tailored for a right handed person, like it was curved so bad that using it with your left hand was all but impossible.
I couldnt think of something snarky or interesting to put here this time around.
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